Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The Piano is still arguably  the most  preferred music instrument of all the other musical instruments. The art of playing this instrument is quite fascinating and hence more and more people are drawn to learn the art of this enthralling musical appliance. To start something new is always a challenge and quite a daunting task. However, learning to play a musical instrument is always an exciting experience. Off course, you cannot master this art in a single day or week but need to have patience trying to learn all the different keys and strokes of playing it. Many learners give up quite easily but the key to success is through hard work and regular practice of playing piano. Each time the festival season is around the corner, you tend to be a part of celebrations and always wish if you could contribute with a little music of your own as well. If you are not well versed with playing the piano, you can still chip in with the use of music sheets. If you are not an experienced player of the piano, but are still familiar with the music notes and how to read them, then deciphering the music sheets for a song isn’t that difficult at all. However, as you go higher up the notes, a fairly simple musical sheet may also present its player a vast list of challenges. If you concentrate while playing and have practiced quite a bit, you can really bring these notes to life. You also need to have a keen sense of listening to music as listening to music played by maestros will actually help you to create your own music and to add your personalized touch to the notes available in the music sheets. Listening to the music will not only spark up your musical senses, but will definitely make you more conscious towards the music that is played and get you thinking about the various melodies you can merge into the different notes. There are a lot of ways you can play piano but the results of playing good piano is directly proportional to the amount of time spent on practising the art of playing piano. Having said all that, it is always essential to know your audience and the type of music preference that they have before you hit a note.

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